It’s possible to receive a glimpse of Auburn’s future.

The Tigers updated their football roster with numbers and measurables for newcomers.

Some highlights include five-star defensive tackle Derrick Brown wearing No. 5, four-star wide receiver Nate Craig-Myers donning No. 3 and four-star defensive tackle Antwuan Jackson taking No. 52. Expect numbers for quarterback Woody Barrett and defensive end Nick Coe to come soon after reported that both will begin classes next week.

Here’s the list:

Nate Craig-Myers, No. 3

Marlon Davidson, No. 3

Derrick Brown, No. 5

John Franklin III, No. 5

Paul James III, No. 10

Kyle Davis, No. 11

Eli Stove, No. 12

Marquis McClain, No. 17

Jayvaughn Myers, No. 18

John Broussard Jr., No. 22

Daniel Thomas, No. 24

Marshall Taylor, No. 26

Malik Miller, No. 32

Tre’ Threat, No. 42

Landon Rice, No. 44

Antwuan Jackson Jr., No. 52

Prince Michael Sammons, No. 72

T.J. Neal, N/A