Lane Kiffin has a unique way of interacting with other coaches, especially when big events happen such as a coaching hire.

This week, Kiffin took an opportunity to interact with Hugh Freeze by way of a quote Freeze shared, “I feel like this is, no offense to another school or anything, but I feel like I’ve leapfrogged where I was at that time (Ole Miss) by being in this family and this culture here. … I see this as one of the top 10 football programs in the nation.”

Kiffin retweeted that with the toddler U-turn GIF and took a shot at a report, which Freeze denied, that suggested that Freeze wouldn’t have access to social media as part of his agreement with Auburn given his mistakes in the past.

This is especially rich because Kiffin was widely reported to be the top candidate for the Auburn job that Freeze ultimately landed. This matchup is already one of the most anticipated in the SEC next season, as Kiffin will likely have more tweets and other comments about Freeze between now and then.