The Alabama “state champs” got some love from College GameDay’s Lee Corso recently.

While Alabama and Georgia have been getting the majority of the buzz in the SEC this offseason, Corso believes too many people are discounting the achievements of the defending SEC West champions. The GameDay host blames this in part due to the Tigers’ final loss of the season to UCF in the Peach Bowl.

Corso was a recent guest on WNSP-FM 105.5 program The Opening Kickoff and offered up the following comments. Transcription of Corso’s comments come via Mark Heim of

“I think Auburn’s a sleeper team. They had a hell of a record last year. They were a good football team. The thing with coach Malzahn is he lost that game against Central Florida. That took the luster off his season, but he had a great season,” Corso said on the show, according to the show’s co-host Heim.

“He beat Georgia and Alabama when they were both No. 1 in the nation. People forget that. I think Auburn’s problem was they lost the last game to Central Florida and everybody remembers that. I think Auburn, Georgia and Alabama are the top three teams.”

For what it’s worth, Corso apparently made similar remarks about the Tigers last offseason and Auburn was a win away from advancing to its first birth in the College Football Playoff.

However, considering Auburn is likely to be a top 10, and at worst, a top 15 preseason team heading into the fall, it’s debatable how much of a “sleeper” team the Tigers will actually be heading into the 2018 season.