Things are really heating up at Auburn, and it may just be the beginning.

As expected, Tigers fans have voiced their frustrations about the Gus Malzahn situation. According to reports, Auburn has gone to great lengths to undermine the head coach.

Fans voiced their frustration about the overall situation via Twitter on Friday afternoon. That’s nothing new, but Auburn President Steven Leath responding sure is.

Auburn signed Malzahn to an extension upping his deal to seven years, $49 million last year. Apparently instead of just firing Malzahn and moving on, the Tigers don’t want to admit the extension last season was a mistake. So the athletic department is reportedly doing its best to “sabotage” the job in the hopes Malzahn will quit.

Greene trying to put out the fire on Twitter this week will do nothing to silence the critics. This situation doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon and could get very ugly quickly.