There’s considerable pressure surrounding the Auburn football program currently, and it ultimately falls on the shoulders of head coach Gus Malzahn.

The Tigers (1-2) have been underwhelming on offense┬áin 2016. As a result, there’s been questions as to Malzahn’s job security.

Auburn AD Jay Jacobs appeared on ‘The Paul Finebaum Show’ Friday afternoon. He was directly asked about the future of the football program.

Jacobs fully backed Malzahn — offering some perspective in the process. With LSU coming to town this weekend, it won’t be a do-or-die situation:

“We’ve played some really good teams and nobody’s more frustrated about it than Gus, and we’re trying to turn it around. I don’t see tomorrow night as a do-or-die. We’ve got, what, nine games left and a lot of things can happen in this league.”

In addition, he seems bullish on the future with Malzahn in tow:

“As far as the noise, the noise in this athletic complex is quiet other than the fact that we got a bunch of players that are resilient and want to go win games. We’re not letting noise that’s out there, whatever that may be, impact what we do every day because that will just completely paralyze you. I’m real proud of Gus and the coaches for that competitive nature coming out of them, they’re working as hard as they possibly can, and I think we’ll have a chance to get it back. The noise is affecting us right now.”

Jacobs backed Malzahn earlier this summer, saying “he’s our guy.” So, naturally, that’s not going to change three games into the season, no matter the start.

You just get the sense that the LSU game is crucial for Auburn and Malzahn.