Shots officially fired on The Plains.

History has proven that you never can tell how motivated a team is going to be heading into a bowl game, but based on recent events, Auburn looks to be the team with a lot more to play for looking ahead to the upcoming Outback Bowl against Minnesota.

The good news for Auburn began when Derrick Brown announced he would play in the game after weighing the pros and cons of sitting out his final game in a Tiger uniform. That decision by Brown made it easy for Marlon Davidson to decide what to do — he’s suiting up for the Tigers one final time, too.

Meanwhile, Minnesota linebacker Kamal Martin has announced he will sit out the game.

During a recent media availability, Davidson made it clear where he stood entering the game.

“I’m good to go. I’m going to give my all for Auburn,” Davidson said in a video uploaded to YouTube by Auburn Athletics. “Derrick’s coming back, that says everything. Just to see a guy like that, the caliber of player he is, you want to play with that guy one more time, for sure.”

What will it be like to play with Brown one final time in an Auburn uniform? Davidson smiled just thinking about it.

“It’ll be fun, I’m pretty sure Minnesota’s not going to like it,” he joked.

“Just playing with that guy, it’s very special. He’s a very special talent, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be the first overall pick (in the 2020 NFL Draft).”

Davidson also shared his thoughts on the fact no one on the team is planning to sit out the Outback Bowl and what that says about the program and the players’ feelings on Gus Malzahn.

“It says a lot about Auburn, a lot about Coach Malzahn, that we actually believe in him, we would do anything for him because he’s a great coach,” Davidson offered up. “There’s no reason for us to stop now. We already came back. Just finish it out, finishing it off for Auburn, especially just ending it the right way. You do not want to lose to a team that’s not in your league — at all. That’s about pride.”

Based on these comments, there’s no doubt Auburn will be fired up to play in the Outback Bowl come New Year’s Day.