NBA legend Charles Barkley has never been afraid to speak his mind, and that’s certainly true when it comes to sharing his thoughts about his alma mater’s football team.

On Wednesday, Barkley joined ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit on ESPN Radio, saying he was frustrated with the way the Auburn offensive line played in the Tigers’ 14-6 loss.

Though he said he didn’t expect Auburn to pull off the upset, it disheartened him to watch QB Jarrett Stidham get sacked 11 times (via 247Sports):

“I was frustrated watching Stidham run for his life,” Barkley told Herbstreit.

Barkley added that he knew his Tigers were in trouble when they couldn’t punch the ball into the end zone and had to settle for two field goals:

“I always tell people you can’t kick field goals on the road,” Barkley said. “You can kick field goals at home because the crowd can always try to keep you pumped up, but on the road you can’t kick field goals to win. I know enough about football that kicking two field goals, we’re in trouble after that.”

With games against Mercer and Mizzou the next two weeks, the Auburn offense will have a chance to regroup a bit.

Then, we’ll have to check back in with Barkley and see if he’s gained any confidence in the Tigers.