As the 2018 season approaches, a lot of NFL scouts are going to be watching Auburn QB Jarrett Stidham closely, as he’s one of the most intriguing quarterback prospects in the 2019 NFL Draft class. analyst Daniel Jeremiah has been breaking down some of Stidham’s 2017 film, and on Friday, he made an NFL comparison for the star Tiger.

As you can read below, he thinks Stidham plays a lot like Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr, who has established himself as a top-flight quarterback in the NFL:

Both guys have a similar body type and are excellent athletes for the position. They have the arm strength to fit balls into tight windows and are accurate on the move. Carr displayed better touch coming out of college, but Stidham is competent in that department. Both guys come from a spread attack, although Carr played in a more traditional system earlier in his collegiate career. Carr has established himself as a top-tier quarterback in the NFL, and I believe Stidham has similar potential.

Interestingly, Stidham has also compared himself to Carr recently, saying that he’s the quarterback he thinks he most resembles while speaking at the Manning Passing Academy.

Carr was a second-round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, but if that draft was redone, he’d likely be a top-10 pick.

If Stidham has a good 2018 season, he could end up going where Carr should have gone.