A good coach will do anything for his players when they execute on the field as instructed — even things they hate to do.

If you had any doubts that Jeff Stoutland was a good football coach, the Philadelphia Eagles run game coordinator and offensive line coach proved that during his team’s recent start to training camp as the former Alabama assistant said the unthinkable recently.

The former Crimson Tide coach, Stoutland served in Tuscaloosa from 2010-2012, offered up a “War Eagle” during Eagles camp.

During a recent media availability, the Eagles assistant was asked to share his thoughts on rookie offensive linemen and Auburn veterans, Jack Driscoll and Prince Tega Wanogho.

“I have had a chance to just, because there’s just a couple guys here, so to be able to focus on the rookies just the rookies, because those are the only players here right now,” Stoutland said. “It’s been fun, it’s been exciting. I’m very upbeat and energized about this group – from a football intelligence standpoint, to a physical standpoint.”

Although, the start of training camp in Philly hasn’t been all fun for the former Alabama assistant.

“They’re killing me, these Auburn guys are killing me,” Stoutland added. “You know, I coached at Alabama so they made me, they made me say ‘War Eagle’ yesterday. It would kill me to say that but they got me to say it, and they did a really they’re doing a really nice job, along with the rest of the players.”

It didn’t come easy but the Eagles’ offensive line coach is willing to go the extra mile for his players when they perform on the field.