The Auburn family is mourning the loss of legendary coach Pat Dye this week, but the story has a beautiful ending.

According to Loran Smith of the Athens Banner-Herald, Dye was laid to rest under a special tree that he had been cultivating since 2013.

Per the report, Dye was buried in a simple white shroud under a tree he had grown from a cutting of a famous Toomer’s Corner tree after it was poisoned:

The tree was especial for Dye. He had gotten a cutting from the famous tree at Toomer’s Corner after it had been poisoned by an Alabama fan in 2013. Dye gave the tree special attention for over six years. It has now reached a height of at least 15 feet, Rane said late Tuesday.

Dye worked with the soil for most of his life, selling Japanese maples in recent years. This seems to be a perfect final resting place for the SEC legend.

Pat Dye cover photo by Al Blanton