As former Clemson QB Kelly Bryant narrowed his transfer list for a team to play for next season, Arkansas and Auburn were understandably on the list.

The previous relationship built when Chad Morris of Arkansas recruited Bryant to Clemson, and Gus Malzahn’s offense at Auburn were each explained as reasons why Bryant could go to each school. So when Bryant chose Missouri, the decision raised some eyebrows.

“It surprised a lot of people,” Paul Finebaum said on ESPN’s ‘Get Up,’ and added that Malzahn was convinced he had Bryant. “It’s really a bad look for Malzahn, who’s on thin ice even though he has a $32 million buyout. He needed this player. He didn’t get him. Malzahn is in trouble.”

Finebaum said Missouri offensive coordinator Derek Dooley was a “big key” in the decision.

Laura Rutledge then pointed out that Bryant may have looked at Dooley’s re-tooling of the Missouri offense with QB Drew Lock, and tailoring it to the NFL, as a difference maker for Bryant.

The loss for Bryant highlighted Auburn’s lack of quarterback for the future, and Malzahn’s large buyout.

“This will be a fascinating story to watch,” Finebaum said.

Meanwhile, Barry Odom at Missouri, who Finebaum said, “no one thought would be successful, is looking very good right now.”