Paul Finebaum wasn’t impressed whatsoever with Auburn’s performance on Saturday night at Clemson.

ESPN analyst Booger McFarland said in an ESPN segment Sunday that he thought Auburn was still in a good spot, because “Alabama doesn’t have a defensive line like Clemson” and “Clemson is better than Alabama up front.”

McFarland said Auburn will be in good shape as long as it figures out a way to protect quarterback Jarrett Stidham and “get him going.” He said Auburn’s wide receivers need to step up and the Tigers need to open up the offense.

Finebaum disagreed on McFarland’s assessment with Auburn.

“I think they’re in trouble. I’m not quite as optimistic as you are,” Finebaum said to McFarland. “You may be taking pixie dust for breakfast, but I’m not. I was mortified by the performance. I just didn’t understand it. Gus Malzahn, after talking about bringing Chip Lindsey in, was Gus Malzahn.

“That’s a problem,” Finebaum continued. “Auburn fans like Gus Malzahn as a head coach, but they don’t like him as the offensive coordinator.”

He mentioned Auburn’s tough schedule and said Clemson may have made Stidham “look stupid.” He said it’s the “same old problem” with red zone mistakes as he’s seen the last four years under Malzahn.