Auburn recovered from blowing a lead at home against LSU and took care of Arkansas 34-3 over the weekend. While the Tigers walked away with a win, they still seem to have more questions than answers.

Despite the blowout victory, Arkansas outgained Auburn by a pretty significant margin, 290-225. The Razorbacks held the Tigers to just 3.88 yards per play. That should be alarming for Auburn. Arkansas hasn’t beaten a Power 5 team yet, and Auburn still has to face Mississippi State, Georgia and Alabama on the road before the season comes to an end.

ESPN personality Paul Finebaum said Monday morning that the biggest problem for Auburn’s offense is the lack of rushing attack.

“I will point to the most obvious — the lack of a consistent running game, which I think comes from a lack of solid line play,” Finebaum said during his weekly guest appearance on WJOX 94.5 FM. “I think this ultimately — or could be — their undoing, because they’re just not consistent. And that’s against bad teams. The good teams on the schedule will just feast on that, and I think that is problematic. Auburn is a good football team, but they have to solve that problem. And if you can’t solve it against Arkansas, who are you going to solve it against?”

Auburn is averaging 4.5 yards per rushing attempt this season, but that number is skewed because the running game did so well against Alabama State in Week 2. Against three Power 5 teams, Auburn has averaged under 3.5 yards per rush in every contest.