Paul Finebaum is keeping an eye on what Bryan Harsin’s done since Saturday’s game, and that includes benching Bo Nix in favor of TJ Finley. Then on Sunday, it was reported that Harsin fired wide receivers coach Cornelius Williams.

Finebaum evidently didn’t have a lot of long-term optimism in Nix’ ability to remain the starting quarterback. He shared those thoughts during his regular appearance on “McElroy and Cubelic In the morning” on WJOX out of Birmingham, Alabama.

“From a distance, Cole, I like the fact that he’s willing to move forward and not remain status quo,” Finebaum said. “I think everyone connected to that program knew at some point this season that Bo Nix would be coming out. It was inevitable. I didn’t think it would be this past weekend, but again, nobody could have predicted that. As far as firing the wide receiver coach, I think it shows clearly that Bryan Harsin wants his people around.”

Finebaum admitted that he wasn’t sure how Harsin put the coaching staff together, and if there was outside pressure.

“You can look at this and say this place is in turmoil, it’s coming apart, or you can look at it, say, you know what, he’s taken a good look after 4 weeks and said, I don’t like what I see,” Harsin said. “I tend to like the fact that he’s done something. Now whether that will mean anything or not remains to be seen. I don’t think you could be bouncing off the walls with optimism after what we all saw Saturday.”