Paul Finebaum understands the pace of giving out accolades in the SEC, and once there is enough of a body of work available, the awards can be handed out.

That’s why he shared on “McElroy and Cubelic In the morning” on WJOX out of Birmingham, Alabama on Monday that because the season has reached November, certain conclusions are reasonable.

“I think he’s done a phenomenal job, and we’re now in November, so the SEC Coach of the Year award, we’re no longer talking about 8 people for the job, some with losing records,” Smart said. “So today, Bryan Harsin is the SEC Coach of the Year. I don’t think it’s really in dispute at the moment. He’s got some difficult games ahead, but he’s won some incredibly difficult games, and I’ve really been impressed with him across the board.”

Finebaum said he doesn’t understand the criticism that continues around Harsin, and said it seems over the top and not intellectually well thought out.

“I didn’t think he inherited very much, I was thinking 7-5, maybe 8-4 and I realize there’s still 2 extraordinarily difficult games left, but he’s already won a couple games I did not have him winning,” Finebaum said. “So I could not be more impressed.”