Paul Finebaum has seen the drama and tumult at Auburn for many years, and the ESPN commentator has already arrived at an ominous conclusion for Bryan Harsin.

Finebaum said on his Sunday takeaway YouTube show with SportsCenter anchor Matt Barrie that the topic around Auburn this week on talk shows like his has changed.

“It will no longer be, ‘Can Bryan Harsin survive?’ The questions now are, ‘Who will take his place.'”

Finebaum mentions the usual suspects, such as Hugh Freeze at Liberty, who Finebaum notes probably would have gotten the job in February if Auburn pulled off the coup.

Next are Lane Kiffin at Ole Miss and Kentucky’s Mark Stoops, as a starting guide to looking for Harsin’s potential replacement.

“The next coach at Auburn is going to understand the SEC, unlike Bryan Harsin,” Finebaum said.

Barrie suggested that the next program to hire Freeze will hit a home run because Freeze has proven he has rehabilitated his personal life, and can win in the SEC.