Jared Allen’s “calf roping,” Victor Cruz’s “salsa,” James Harden’s “cook and stir the pot,” or LeBron James’ “backbreaker.”

It’s not just Cam Newton. Several pro athletes have signature celebrations these days, and we see them nearly every single day in every single professional or college sport.

One Philadelphia cartoonist, Rob Tornoe, illustrated an example of what he feels is a double standard when it comes to Newton’s “dab,” comparing it to one by Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Many fans responded to the cartoonist by saying this was an inaccurate description of Rodgers’ championship belt celebration or “discount double check,” whatever you want to call it.

However, Tornoe was actually referencing this 2013 celebration from when Rodgers threw a game-winning 48-yard TD pass to Randall Cobb to beat the Chicago Bears in Week 17 to claim the NFC North title.


Of course, Newton’s “dab” is speculated to have not-so-innocent origins in its own right. Some claim it’s referring to coughing after smoking a “dab” or concentrated marijuana extract. Others simply believe it’s a popular dance move with hip hop origins from Atlanta.

Either way, the popularity of Newton’s gesture doesn’t seem to be losing steam. We’re still seeing several college and pro athletes do it, and it could even be seen on the recruiting trail during National Signing Day. Heck, even Nick Saban dabbed.

Is Newton on the negative end of a double standard? All we know is his celebration is getting more attention than a lot of other important things.