Photo: Auburn fans can remind Alabama fans of ‘kick-six’ with this bumper sticker


Rivalries are full of iconic moments and victories, but there are few that can match the legendary “kick-six.”

We all remember how Auburn returned a missed Alabama field goal attempt 109 yards for the game-winning touchdown, which helped propel the Tigers to the BCS National Championship Game and ended the Tide’s hopes for a third-straight national title.

It’s a play that stands in college football lore and won’t be forgotten anytime soon. For Auburn fans looking to remind their rivals of that fateful play, however, they can do so with a simple bumper sticker.

The sticker is a reference to the distance that Chris Davis traveled before scoring the game-winning touchdown. Alabama has won the next three contests in the Iron Bowl rivalry and captured another national championship title since then, however, so the reminder might not sting as much as it once did.

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  • Wow, did they ship it in a package of salt? I wonder what it’s like to have to watch your highlights on The History Channel instead of on ESPN with the rest of today’s sports.

    (If you could see my face, the look that’s on it is like the look you get when you’re picking on your little brother. Don’t get all tilted.)

  • It would be silly to display this bumper sticker at this time. That would be like LSU bragging about the 2011 SEC title. Just silly.

  • No big deal, the bammernecks are still whining about the Camback game in 2010. They hate Cam with a passion simply because he beat them at home and then won the BCS Championship that year.

    • This is true, but I think winning the last 3 years (in dominant fashion), having more recent success, and having more overall success I think we’ll be ok

    • Cam did not do it alone. Remember Fairly sacking the QB, Ingram and the nose guard and recovering the fumble at the AUBURN ten yard line. 30 min to beat Bamer. LMAO

  • The most recent success is in the house of Clemson. Wait till next year, is that how it goes.

    • When was Clemsons last NC prior to last season? Considering the time in between you might be dead before you witness another…

      • Everyone is leaving Saban for and Bama for some reason. I don’t see Bamer getting another NC Before Auburn. Suck it up buttercup it’s all down hill from here. Watching Bama fans riot, poison trees. Saban has done a good job covering up the NCAA football recruiting violations starting by firing the D line coach. After that they just started leaving. One here on there. All the QBs leave LMAO. It was fun to watch.

        • Bama has replaced coaches every offseason. They have won a NC with 3 different OCs so far…… Auburn will be mediocre again this season. Unless you can find another preacher trying to sell his son you might be looking for a new coach soon.

  • LSU lost with 1 second left, Bamer lost with 1 second left. LSU and Bama need a group hug.

  • Dumb. I’ve had one of these stickers since 2013, WHEN THEY WERE MADE. This isn’t anything new. I know it’s the offseason, but is there really nothing to write about other than a sticker that was made after a game over 3 years ago?

  • I personally like the 00:01 stickers better.