This summer, it was announced that Auburn was considering changes to its logo.

However, it appears that is no longer the case, per a report from The Auburn Plainsman.

SGA president Mary Margaret Turton told the newspaper at the SGA senate that Auburn COO Ronald Burgess said the changes were no longer in the works:

“Because we’ve had conversations regarding the visual identity system for the past few weeks in here, I do want to share an update that I got this morning,” Turton said. “General Burgess announced that we will not be moving forward with the new logo this morning. We have plans from that directive to continue using the traditional Auburn logo, so I just wanted to share that.”

In case you don’t remember the subtle changes that were proposed, here’s a look at the logos side by side:

The changes were proposed to help Auburn’s logo be more “digitally usable,” but it appears the old logo is now here to stay.