Cam Newton’s reaction to a question from a female reporter last week drew a crush of media attention and fallout from endorsers and fans.

The Carolina Panthers quarterback and former Auburn star apparently didn’t realize how his words were perceived until he talked about his daughters with important women in his life. That’s when Newton decided to apologize, according to a report from NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. That was important and eye-opening.

Rapoport added that Newton’s main sponsors — Under Armour, Beats by Dre and Gatorade — stuck with him, sources said, despite Dannon distancing itself from the quarterback. The sponsors that stayed needed an apology.

After Dannon announced its decision to step away from Newton, the quarterback issued an apology on video that was posted to Twitter.

“To the reporters, to the journalists, to the moms — super moms — to the daughters, the sisters and the women all around the world, I sincerely apologize,” Newton said. “(I) hope that you can find the kindness of your heart to forgive me. Thank you.”

The issue began after Newton laughed off a question from Charlotte Observer beat reporter Jourdan Rodrigue about passing routes because it was “funny.”