Auburn has publicly made it clear that it plans to have coach Gus Malzahn back in 2019. But recent reports make it seem that may not necessarily be the case.

Josh Moon, a political reporter for the Alabama Reporter, sent a series of tweets on Monday indicating that there are several top officials at Auburn who want the school to fire Malzahn. Moon also reported that those officials want a “top-level” coach to replace Malzahn, and that conversations with a potential candidate began two weeks ago.

Moon later clarified that he isn’t reporting that Malzahn is definitely being fired, but rather there are some officials who want that to happen. Moon, who covers politics, said he got the info because a lot of the people who support political candidates are the same ones who support athletic programs.

In regard to a potential candidate to replace Malzahn in that scenario, Football Scoop reported that Auburn representatives met with former Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops several weeks ago. It is unclear if that is tied to Moon’s report.

Malzahn has been Auburn’s coach since 2013.

Below are the series of tweets that Moon sent regarding the Malzahn rumors: