SEC Shorts released its latest episode on Monday, and the boys were downtown throwing the book at Penn State after the Nittany Lions’ absolute humiliation of Auburn on national TV.

“I’ve got the CBS game tapes,” one police officer said.

Another replied, “So we’ve got him dead to rites,” and he later added, “Someone’s going down for murdering Auburn today.”

Penn State countered, “We weren’t trying to embarrass them, OK. But when their defense plays like that, there’s only so much you can do.”

The police then discussed the spirited atmosphere, including “everyone wearing orange in a poor man’s white out.”

Penn State said “it was a cool atmosphere.”

But one officer quickly countered with, “Cool atmosphere? You mean a hostile SEC road environment with deafening crowd noise, unbearable heat index.”

Another continued, “The premiere traveling show of the SEC Network a stone’s throw away from the scene of the crime.”

The turnovers, also described as “Southern hospitality,” turned a 3-point Penn State betting line favorite into a nearly 30-point blowout.

How about SEC speed? Penn State remarked that the fans showed that speed heading to the parking lots.

The episode finished with a reference to Gary Danielson being called as a witness, and Auburn’s questionable hiring of Bryan Harsin given the booster influence.

Here’s the full episode: