Stephen A. Smith did not hold back when talking about Auburn’s performance in the Iron Bowl on Saturday.

The ESPN analyst and First Take personality called out Auburn for its lackluster defense on Alabama’s game-winning touchdown on 4th and goal from the 31-yard line.

Auburn seemed to have the game in the bag after forcing a punt late, but the Tigers muffed the punt and gave Alabama great field position in the final minutes. The Tide took advantage and scored, giving Auburn almost no time to tie or regain the lead.

“Auburn should be disgusted and ashamed of themselves,” Smith said on First Take on Monday. “4th and goal on the (31), and you saw those defensive lineman and being completely frustrated and they absolutely should have been. There is no excuse for anybody in your secondary to make that kind of error. He literally got beat in the endzone. Now, the guy out jumps you and just catches that and uses his athleticism, that kind of stuff can happen. But he was open. How does that happen?”