Right now, the SEC is all about No. 1 Georgia and No. 2 Alabama.

But don’t forget about the Auburn Tigers, who will play one of the best schedules in the country and still control their own destiny.

On SportsCenter Sunday morning, analyst Booger McFarland was asked about which team to watch in Tuesday night’s College Football Playoff rankings, and he explained why he’s watching the Tigers.

“Keep an eye on Auburn Tuesday night,” McFarland said. “They got Georgia this week. They got the Iron Bowl against Alabama. Win those two, and you get the Georgia Bulldogs again in Atlanta.

“Auburn is a team that has a lot of food left on its plate to eat.”

The Tigers debuted at No. 14 last Tuesday night, and Auburn appears to be the only team in the country that can still get into the playoff with two losses.

Interestingly, a two-loss SEC Champion Auburn may get in over an undefeated Big Ten champion Wisconsin, because the Badgers have such a terrible strength of schedule.

Nonetheless, it will be a massive feat for Auburn to beat No. 1 Georgia, beat No. 2 Alabama and then beat Georgia again in the SEC Championship Game. But if the passing game is firing on all cylinders like it was Saturday, Auburn will certainly make things interesting.