Believe it or not, you can add Gus Malzahn to the long list of viewers that have consumed the Netflix documentary series “Tiger King” during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

There’s no chance the Auburn coach would have had the time to watch the series if the Tigers were going through spring practice as scheduled but with college football canceling all spring sports, all of a sudden, coaches from around the country have more time than they know what to do with these days.

During a recent interview with Andy Burcham, the voice of Auburn football, Malzahn shared his thoughts after watching the “Tiger King” series.

“Between recruiting calls, and working, getting a chance to spend time with my grandson’s, which is always neat,” Malzahn shared. “Then of course at night, me and Christy are watching movies that we normally don’t get a chance to, documentaries. Recently watched the ‘Tiger King,’ which is a trip to watch, there’s no doubt about that. But it’s been interesting, like I said, a new routine getting used to new things and so that’s been interesting.”

We never would have guessed “Tiger King” would be up Malzahn’s alley, but there you go, he’s at least watched the series during his time away from his football program.

Check out the full clip below, courtesy of Auburn Football’s official Twitter account.