Auburn’s quarterback situation continues to be an issue, heading into Week 4.

T.J. Finley, Auburn’s starting quarterback, has his father frustrated with the SEC team and their two-quarterback system.

David Finley voiced his concerns on the “Locked On Auburn” podcast after Auburn’s blowout loss to Penn State last Saturday along with T.J.’s shoulder injury that occurred during the game (via

“Neither quarterback has been able to get into a rhythm,” David Finley said of Auburn’s two-quarterback system through the first three games. “Whether they want to admit it or not, I feel it (affects) both of them. That’s the point. I don’t think (T.J.’s) been able to really settle in and get a full game behind him…. A quarterback looking over your shoulder—I don’t care if you’re a manager at your job and going for a director’s position, and you got another manager going for it with you, you’re looking over your shoulder…. You need to be embraced as QB1, so you’re not looking over your shoulder, and I’m going to ride with you.”

T.J. Finley’s dad is pushing for one QB1 and not a carousel of quarterbacks at Auburn. With the constant change-up can drive the offense out of alignment and change the entire vibe of the team.

During the Penn State game, T.J., according to his father, was “banged up pretty bad,” with needing help putting a shirt on and eating with his non-dominant hand this weekend.

David Finley is hopeful for T.J.’s return as quarterback after his shoulder injury.

However long it takes to recover, he hopes it will be soon.