It’s safe to say that college football is going through somewhat of a transition period. Conferences are expanding (or shrinking), networks are willing to pay big money for TV deals, the transfer portal and NIL rights have given the sport its first real taste of free agency.

Many long-time fans are wondering what will happen next and who could possibly “save” the sport they love and cherish.

Never fear college football fans, Tommy Tuberville and Joe Manchin are here!

The Senators from Alabama and West Virginia, respectively, are working on bipartisan legislation to regulate the NIL … because what could possibly be more important right now?

Ross Dellenger of had the report.

The senators have already gotten the process rolling by sending a letter to SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey.

An excerpt of the letter states:

“A lack of clear, enforceable rules is creating an environment that potentially allows for the exploitation of student-athletes by unregulated entities, prioritizes short-term financial gain over careful investment in one’s career and the lifelong value of education, and diminishes the role of coaches, mentors, and athletic staff while empowering wealthy boosters.”

The potential exploitation of student-athletes?

Empowering wealthy boosters?

How will college football recover from such things if they were to happen?

Before Tuberville was a Senator, he was a successful college football head coach, piling up a 159-99 record at Ole Miss, Auburn, Texas Tech and Cincinnati. He led the Tigers to a 13-0 record in 2004, finishing No. 2 in the BCS polls. Tuberville has been a U.S. Senator since 2020.

Manchin’s college football career is less defined. Manchin did receive a football scholarship to play at West Virginia in 1965, according to his Wikipedia page, but injuries derailed his football career. Manchin has been involved in politics since 1982 and has been a U.S. Senator since 2012.