After Tommy Tuberville’s tenure at Auburn (1999-2008) ended in his firing, he took a year off before taking the job at Texas Tech. Don’t expect Tuberville to be doing any work for “Visit Lubbock” in the near future.

While Tuberville likely appreciated the opportunity to coach in the Power 5, he certainly did not like living in Lubbock, Texas, which is multiple hours west of the Lone Star State’s big cities such as Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

Tuberville had some harsh words for his former city in a radio interview.

“You run me off at Auburn and you ship me to Lubbock, Texas,” Tuberville said on a recent edition of the Rick and Bubba Show, per 247Sports. “I’m going to tell you what, that’s like going to Siberia. Somebody asked me, ‘What’s Lubbock look like?’ It looked like Iraq.”

He apparently made sure to let Red Raiders fans know it wasn’t anything personal against them, just the city.

“Well, I love those people out there,” Tuberville said.

Tuberville coached Texas Tech for three seasons (2010-12) before taking the job at Cincinnati. He resigned at Cincinnati after the Bearcats went 4-8 this past season.