Two weeks into the 2017 season, Auburn’s passing offense under highly touted Baylor transfer QB Jarrett Stidham hasn’t looked great, to say the least.

In fact, the Tigers gave up 11 sacks during a 14-6 loss to Clemson on Saturday night, managing an abysmal 117 yards of total offense.

Speaking on The Paul Finebaum Show on Tuesday, former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville said the problem is that coach Gus Malzahn is running his offensive system, but Stidham doesn’t have the ability to turn a chaotic play into a success:

Some would argue that, when you have a quarterback as talented as Stidham, you should build the system around him instead of trying to force him to adjust to your system.

However, it seems Malzahn wants to run the offense that has worked for him in years past, even if Stidham isn’t the best fit for it.

With games against Mercer and Missouri the next two weeks, it’ll be interesting to see if Stidham gains more comfort in Malzahn’s system. If not, the calls for a change may start to get louder.