Former Auburn running back Tre Mason has been found at his mother’s house in Lake Worth, Florida, and he was seen doing football drills in the front yard.

The Rams haven’t heard from Mason in seven months and were concerned about his welfare, despite multiple attempts to reach him. Cops have been called to his house five times in four months, but it seems that the mystery surrounding his whereabouts has been solved.
According to WPBF 25 News:

The mystery of missing running back Tre Mason has been resolved – Mason is at his mother’s Lake Worth home, and has been seen practicing drills in his front yard.

WPBF 25 News attempted to talk to Mason as he pulled up in his Maserati, but he yelled “Don’t be hurting,” and walked inside.

When WPBF 25 News asked Mason if he was going to training camp, he yelled, “No.”

Hopefully, Mason can get his life together. He’s certainly a talented player, but this goes beyond football at this point.