Trent Dilfer made it crystal clear how he feels about the idea raised this week by Auburn’s Hugh Freeze about playing in-state FCS opponents instead of the traditional spring game.

Freeze mentioned UAB, Troy and Alabama State in his explanation.

Dilfer was asked about it and didn’t hesitate: “Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty please. Yes, yes, of course. Hugh’s right. I think we all want — whether you’re Auburn or Alabama, you’re looking for live competition. You’re looking not to play yourself. I think if you’re UAB or Troy, you’re looking to hopefully play people that are perceived to be much better than you so you can kind of use it as a test to see where your program’s at.”

All indications are that fans would welcome it as well, and to Freeze’s point, it would generate significant fan interest and buzz not seen around most spring games in many years.