Four years after killing the iconic oak trees at Toomer’s Corner with poison, the infamous Harvey Updyke reportedly is prepared to go trick-or-treating dressed as a dead tree.

According to ESPN, Updyke posted the following via Facebook on Friday:

Tonight I need some candy so I am going Trick or Treating and I am going as a dead tree. I have to go early because I can’t be out past 7:00pm or they will put me in jail for braking my curfew. Who would have thunk it? ROLL DAMN TIDE!!!

Updyke, claiming to be upset after Cam Newton and Auburn came from behind to win the Iron Bowl in 2010, called the Paul Finebaum show under a pseudonym to take credit for poisoning the trees with Spike 80DF. Updyke told Finebaum the trees “definitely will die.” Sure enough, officials found lethal doses of the chemical in the soil surrounding Toomer’s Corner.

The self-proclaimed Alabama fan served more than three months in jail in addition to owing Auburn University nearly $800,000 in restitution, of which he’d paid $99 as of September.

Updyke retweeted the ESPN story almost immediately after it was published, and is pretty active on social media.

No photo of his costume existed as of 5 p.m. ET on Friday.

His attorney, Andrew Staley, said of his client in June 2013: “He’s very sincere. He wants to go back to Louisiana and never wants to be heard from ever again.”

So much for that.