This won’t go over well on the Plains.

Virginia guard Ty Jerome is now telling reporters that he purposely double dribbled knowing the refs were not going to call it.

“I knew they weren’t gonna call double-dribble after they let that one go. … It’s hard to be a ref. They miss a lot. So you’ve got to play on,” Jerome says in a quote shared to social media by USA Today’s George Schroeder.

Auburn led 62-60 with 5.4 seconds left when UVA in-bounded the ball to Ty Jerome. He then drove up the court and lost his dribble, picked it up and started dribbling again. The ball was never touched by a defender, meaning Jerome double-dribbled by definition. Fans are pointing out that it’s hard to believe Jerome was able to think this through, as he is claiming, since it all happened so fast.