The Auburn Tigers are fighting for their College World Series lives on Tuesday afternoon in Omaha, tied 1-1 through three innings.

Every out is going to matter in a tight game between the Tigers and the Louisville Cardinals, and Auburn 1B Rankin Woley put his body on the line to make a catch in the top of the third inning.

As you can see below, Woley covers a lot of ground in foul territory, sliding into the wall to make a catch and slamming his knee into the concrete at the base of the wall:

Woley stayed down for a while after that collision with the wall, allowing trainers to come check on him. He stayed in the game, but in the dugout after the inning, he showed off his nasty scrapes and bruises:

So far, Woley has remained in the game, so we’ll see how he fares moving forward. He’d better get some ice on that as soon as the game ends to prevent more swelling.