The Auburn Tigers are in the middle of an intense quarterback battle, though no end is in sight as of yet.

Four guys — Bo Nix, Joey Gatewood, Malik Willis and Cord Sandberg — are competing for the job, and all of them got plenty of reps for the Tigers this spring.

On Tuesday, Auburn OC Kenny Dillingham discussed what the next step was for the battle, saying he and coach Gus Malzahn would have more discussions this weekend:

“That’s what we’re finishing up in exit interviews,” he said. “We’ll finish those up and then me and Coach Malzahn will kind of discuss a plan and see where to go from there. I was pleased with, honestly, how they all played. If you look at the first half, which was really the half where we were being aggressive and getting after it, I felt like all those guys showed some ability to be successful at this level.”

It doesn’t seem like anything is going to be decided before this summer, so we’ll have to wait until then to find out more.