The big news out of the Plains on Tuesday was that true freshman Bo Nix won the competition to be Auburn’s starting quarterback.

On Tuesday evening, Tigers coach Gus Malzahn shared what went into the big decision. After Malzahn, Nix himself spoke to reporters, a rarity for true freshmen at many programs. Nix was asked about following in the footsteps of his father, former Auburn QB Patrick Nix, facing a Power 5 defense in the first game of his career, his relationship with fellow QB Joey Gatewood and more. Here are some of the highlights of what Nix had to say:

On being named Auburn’s starting quarterback for Week 1 against Oregon:

  • “This is a dream come true.”
  • “Going all the way back to throwing the football in the backyard with my dad, I wanted to be the quarterback for Auburn.”

On facing the Ducks to begin his college career:

  • “It’s what I signed up for.”
  • “Some people view that as tough, but I view it is fun.”
  • “Why else do you play if you can’t play at the highest level?”

How he won the job:

  • “Realistically, I just learned my receivers better.”
  • “Throughout camp, I did a good job. I understood the offense and tried to do whatever Coach Malzahn or (offensive coordinator) Coach (Kenny) Dillingham asked of me.”

On being a mobile quarterback:

  • “I just try to fit my skillset with the offense. If I have to move around in the pocket, I have to move around.”
  • He’s “a lot faster” than his dad. Attributed his mobility to his mom.

On backup QB Joey Gatewood:

  • “Joey’s a great quarterback… me and Joey, we have a good relationship. These kind of situations are always tough.”
  • He thought Gatewood handled the news well.

More from Nix can be heard in the video below: