Auburn has rallied around the memory of beloved play-by-play commentator Rod Bramblett who was killed, alongside his wife, in May, in a car wreck.

The Tigers have worn helmet stickers, and before the game against Tulane held a moment of silence in honor of Bramblett. Earlier this month, Andy Burcham, a longtime radio veteran for Auburn, was named the new “Voice of the Auburn Tigers.”

The tribute video opens with words from Bramblett, which would give any person chills.

“Tonight is for all those great Auburn people who are no longer with us in body but certainly in spirit,” he said.

The video, called “Forever Auburn,” plays Bramblett’s celebratory calls that chronicled big Auburn plays from all-time players on the Plains.

The 2-minute video wraps with these words: “I’m Rod Bramblett. Until next time, War Eagle and so long everybody.”