Normally, when Auburn lines up in certain formations, you can guess a few different plays that the Tigers will run. Then, it’s just about stopping them.

However, on Saturday, coach Gus Malzahn and OC Chip Lindsey added something unexpected to their formations and it fooled Georgia.

As former coach Chip Kelly broke down on SportsCenter on Sunday morning, you can see that the Tigers added a “fourth wrinkle” to a formation that resulted in RB Kerryon Johnson’s long touchdown catch:

That score made it 40-10, putting the game out of reach for the Bulldogs late in the fourth quarter.

The Tigers host Alabama in a couple of weeks in a game that will decide the SEC West title, so Lindsey and Malzahn will have to draw up some more plays like that.

If they can fool Alabama a couple of times, they will have a chance to pull off another big upset.