Auburn continued its mastery of Alabama at Jordan-Hare Stadium with a heart-pounding 48-45 on Saturday on The Plains

“We felt like we had the better team and never flinched,” Malzahn said, according to Josh Vitale. “This is the best atmosphere in college football. They proved it again. … Obviously, that was a big win for us. So proud of our team. When we looked at this season, we knew it was going to be a gauntlet. Our guys hung tough.”

Malzahn said Waffle House is in his plans to celebrate.

“It’s going to be a ham and cheese omelet, scattered, smothered and chunked” and an extra waffle, according to Tom Green.

He added, “Rod Bramblett’s smiling. He’s smiling down. We definitely miss him, especially in a game like this with so many great memories.”

Malzahn commented on Bo Nix, who was 15-30 for 173 yards and a TD through along with 6 carries for 44 yards and a TD.

“He’s got something special to him,” Malzahn said. “He’ll win a championship before he gets out of here. … The future is going to be really fun with him.”

He added what this means to the program.

“We’ve got a real chance to win 10 games,” Malzahn said. “That’s a big thing. … The three losses we had were one or two plays that could have gone the other way.” Saturday, Malzahn said, Auburn made the plays.

Malzahn was asked, “You’ve beaten Alabama both times you’ve had one second added to the clock.”

Malzahn replied, “You caught that?”

On the game-deciding fourth-and-4, Malzahn said Auburn was trying to goad Alabama into a penalty, and it worked.