Clemson sophomore cornerback Fred Davis was arrested Sunday morning by Clemson Police, who announced that he was the man was charged in connection with a wreck along Hwy. 123 involving a mail truck on July 21.

Davis reportedly was driving 115 miles per hour in a zone with a posted speed limit of 55 mph, police say. The speed caused Davis to lose control of his vehicle just before the wreck, according to CPD.

Police have said that the wreck caused severe injuries to the driver of the mail truck. Davis was charged with reckless driving and surrendered himself to the police department on Sunday and was booked into the city jail. Davis, 19, was released on bond.

Following that announcement, a Clemson spokesman told Fox Carolina, “Fred Davis remains with the program but will be subject to internal discipline. Grounds for internal discipline for misdemeanor charges like this are covered under the terms of the Clemson Student-Athlete Handbook, which says that the head coach can recommend a course of action, and upon concurrence of the designated CUAD administrator, administer sanctions.”

ESPN reported that current South Carolina law does not allow for enhanced penalties for reckless driving that results in serious bodily injury; there is a bill being considered in the South Carolina legislature that would add that enhancement.

“These egregious and aggressive driving acts that result in serious injury to another need to have appropriate penalty,” Clemson Police Chief Jorge Campos said. “In most cases, the injured suffer much pain, multiple medical procedures, lengthy recovery times, and whose freedom to live life injury free are taken from them. The offender, especially if they are not hurt, currently only have a few hurdles to navigate and get to live life freely, while the injured do not.”