Dabo Swinney can get predictably animated about certain subjects, and lately, the Clemson coach has had that for the transfer portal.

The topic in recent weeks and months about Clemson is the Tigers didn’t take advantage of the transfer portal as much as other national title contenders. It’s become almost a weekly question at Swinney’s press conferences, and he’s apparently getting irritated by it.

This time, he was asked if looking back he would’ve been more aggressive in transfer portal.

“Boy, weekly transfer portal question,” Swinney said, per Anna Hickey. “Is it like who’s got the short stick this week? I wouldn’t change anything. We aren’t 3-2 because we haven’t signed someone from portal. Give me a break. I’ve said this 100 times. If we need to use the portal, we’ll use it. I’m not anti-portal. I don’t know why people keep asking me that.”

He then added a tongue-in-cheek response and said if Clemson doesn’t do a good job of evaluating down the road, the coaching staff will turn to the portal.