The way Paul Finebaum sees it, Dabo Swinney and Clemson have some explaining to do.

If you missed it, former Clemson player Kanyon Tuttle called out his former team for its response to racial injustice by issuing this comment on Twitter. Tuttle last played at Clemson in 2017.

“Cap, you allowed a coach to call a player the N-word during practice with no repercussions,” Tuttle said on Tuesday. “Not even a team apology. When we had the sit-in in front of sikes you suggested us players try to stay out of it to limit distractions. Stop protecting your brand, take a stand.”

While Tuttle wasn’t the player that the word was directed at, his teammate D.J. Greenlee has come out and acknowledged the incident did occur as Clemson assistant Danny Pearman was the coach in question. Pearman used the used when talking with Greenlee.

Clemson has come out and confirmed the incident and issued the following statement from Pearman:

“Three years ago on the practice field, I made a grave mistake involving D.J. Greenlee. I repeated a racial slur I overheard when trying to stop the word from being used on the practice field. What I overheard, I had no right to repeat.

While I did not direct the term at any player, I know there is no excuse for me using the language in any circumstance. I never should have repeated the phrase. It was wrong when I said it, and it is wrong today.

I apologized to D.J. at the conclusion of practice, who then appropriately raised his concern to Coach Swinney. Coach and I met to discuss the incident, and he reiterated that my language was unacceptable. I later apologized again as well as expressed my sincere regret to our position group the following day.

I love the young men who choose to come to our university, and I would never do anything to intentionally hurt them. I sincerely apologize to D.J., his family, our team and our staff.”

During his most recent appearance on ESPN morning show “Get Up,” SEC Network host Paul Finebaum questioned the response from Clemson following this revelation of hate speech used in practice by an assistant coach and why Dabo Swinney has been nowhere to be found.

“You know what’s really interesting, the player who brought this out in a post is the son of one of the legendary Clemson players of all time, Perry Tuttle,” Finebaum said on the show. “He was the star of Clemson’s national championship team in ’81 and he told me this morning he stands by a son. He will have a further statement later, and another conflicting thing here is, where is Dabo Sweeney in all this?

“Dabo Sweeney I think is very conflicted because he played for Danny Pearman at Alabama. Danny was an assistant coach there under Gene Stallings for seven years. Danny Pearman is also an executive, he’s on the board of the American Football Coaches Association, he’s well respected, but so far his response I think most people are going to find to be very lame.”

Now we sit back and wait to see if Swinney will respond.