With Clemson already having 3 losses this season and having lost in back-to-back seasons in the College Football Playoffs, people are starting to wonder if the Clemson dynasty is finally over? One person who seems to think so is former Georgia quarterback and CBS college football analyst Aaron Murray who thinks Clemson’s time has passed.

Murray said this on the “Punt and Pass” podcast with Drew Butler about Clemson, via the Clemson Insider.

“I think the Clemson ship has sailed,” Murray said. “I think both of us were pretty confident that Pittsburgh was going to win that football game. To me, it’s now Dabo is – I’m not saying cleaning house – but it’s almost open competition, even for D.J. U.”

Murray continued.

“But the fact that Clemson, this is happening to them, the way they’ve recruited, the coaches that are on that staff, and it’s the ACC. It’s the ACC! This isn’t the SEC. Like, I just can’t believe the talent on that team, that they are where they are right now.”

Murray also said that this is the perfect example of how sometimes having 4 and 5-star players may not matter.