Paul Finebaum appears to be very tired of hearing from Clemson fans.

On his latest show, the SEC Network host was discussing Clemson with a South Carolina fan when the term “little brother” came up during the conversation. No, Finebaum wasn’t using that term to refer to the Gamecocks, he said it belongs to the school “in the middle of nowhere” of the Palmetto State.

“When Saban dispatched them rather easily in the semifinals, I didn’t hear another word – I didn’t think Clemson had a football team last year for a while,” Finebaum said of Clemson fans recently.” And, yeah, I think you’re right. It’s not a program that’s supposed to win. It’s your little brother.”

The SEC Network host wasn’t done there.

“They ended that losing streak to Carolina and now they’re king of the hill and they just don’t know — I mean, you see it all the time,” Finebaum continued. “You know, you know I just thought of it. You know what Clemson reminds me of? Have you ever seen these TV shows where they interview the guy that won the lottery?

“And, I mean, Clemson is the guy that Ed McMahon knocks on the door and says, ‘You’re the winner of the sweepstakes or the lottery, the lotto,’ or whatever, and all of a sudden somebody in the, in the middle of nowhere, which is where Clemson is wins 100 million dollars and then they’ve already blown about 80 million of it; trying to buy class, and that didn’t work. And now, now they’re down to their last couple of bucks and they, they still don’t know how to deal with it.”

Check it out for yourself below: