Paul Finebaum is not a believer in Clemson being a part of the national championship picture this year, but during an episode of “Get Up” on Wednesday on ESPN, Finebaum put it in a more declarative manner.

Clemson suffered its second loss of the season on Saturday against N.C. State, and the Tigers’ offense has had trouble getting on track for much of the season. Clemson then fell 16 spots from No. 9 in the AP Top 25.

“Dabo’s dynasty is done,” Finebaum said. “I do not like anything I see there. I respect what Heather (Dinich) has just got through saying, but I strongly and vehemently disagree. They lost one coach a couple years ago to USF, I think that was a big loss. This is a staff that has always been together, but I think it’s getting stale. Yes, recruiting is still good, but will it be elite after what we just got through watching, Greeny. It just doesn’t look like Clemson is part of the cool kids anymore, and I think they’re going to pay for it in recruiting, and they play in a terrible league, which will hurt them even more.”

Clemson plays Boston College this week before a bye on Oct. 9.