SEC Shorts is out with its latest episode and it revolves around Clemson holding the College Football Playoff hostage.

“I’m not letting her go until we immediately expand the Playoff to 12 teams,” Clemson told an FBI negotiator.

The FBI negotiator then replied, “Expand to 12 teams? Aren’t you afraid of 3, maybe even 4 SEC teams making it?”

“Collateral damage,” Clemson countered. “I ain’t missing the Playoffs again. We are the Playoffs.”

South Carolina then appeared with the FBI negotiator, and cracked a joke about Clemson’s sugar huddle that it “stole from the Little Giants” before a Clemson fumble.

Clemson then slumped over and lamented the winning streaks that were snapped following the South Carolina loss. Then the Playoff chimed in and asked if it’s a testament to Clemson being good, or that the ACC lacked parity.

Clemson then wondered about fans reacting to it not being in the Playoff along with Alabama and Ohio State.