Clemson suffered a rare loss on Saturday with a double overtime defeat to N.C. State, 27-21. But a couple of ESPN analysts have suggested that some of these problems have been going on for a long time.

Dan Orlovsky wrote on Twitter, “Been telling Clemson fans for 18 months … The offense is behind everyone scheme wise. Trevor covered up a lot-& it held him back … It can’t always be about “execution”. Your job coaches is to make execution “easier” … It’s fair to say/ask “yes you can recruit-but can you DEVELOP”?”

Similarly, David Pollack said it goes beyond that time period.

“18 months? It was the same for Deshaun Watson too!!!!!”

The second loss for Clemson already this season makes it difficult to believe the Tigers can extend their streak of making every year of the College Football Playoff since the first edition in 2014.