Urban Meyer has come out of coaching retirement to take the Jacksonville Jaguars head coaching position. Meyer’s next quarterback is expected to be Trevor Lawrence as Jacksonville holds the top pick in the NFL Draft.

The 2018 season was Meyer’s last at Ohio State and Lawrence’s first at Clemson. The two did not cross paths on the gridiron that fall, but Meyer is plenty familiar with the Tiger standout. In his two seasons away from coaching, Meyer worked as an analyst for FOX.

After the news of the Jaguars’ hire broke, FOX shared a clip of Meyer breaking down some of Lawrence’s plays.

Lawrence impressed Meyer with his adaptability on one play featured in the clip.

“North Carolina brings a middle blitz. He steps up, and it’s not a perfect play. As a matter of fact, for most quarterbacks, that’s a broken play,” said Meyer. “He adapts, he slides to his left, (this is third and long), completes the ball and I think Clemson loses the game if they don’t score on this drive.”

Meyer praised Lawrence’s toughness on another highlighted play.

“The top two qualities, competitiveness, and toughness, you’re in a low red zone. Same drive, now you have to go score points or once again, you’re gonna lose this game,” said Meyer. “What did you do? You give the ball to your best player. The first play we’re gonna look at here is a zone read. Trevor Lawrence pulls the ball and most quarterbacks go down pre-contact, launches himself another three to four yards. Finally, to score, they run a quarterback counter, he not only launches himself and gets to the goal line, he gets three to four yards deep in the end zone.”

The full clip can be viewed below: