If you’ve been following the College World Series festivities in Omaha this past few days on social media, you’ve probably come across a leaderboard from Rocco’s Pizza and Cantina.

The leaderboard ranks all 8 teams in Omaha based on the amount of jello shots fans of each school have purchased.

Let’s just say Arkansas and Ole Miss fans have really gotten into the spirit (pun intended) of the competition. As things stand entering Monday, fans of the Razorbacks have bought 3,416 jello shots. Ole Miss fans are in second place at 2,763. Texas A&M is in a distant third at 555:

The owner of Rocco’s, Kevin Culjat, joined SEC Radio on SiriusXM on Monday to discuss the craziness of the shot challenge:

“It kind of went ballistic,” Culjat said. “Arkansas took the party room the other morning, on Saturday … we open at 9, and at about 8:30, there’s probably 100 Arkansas fans outside waiting to get in. They rolled in at 9, and between 9 and 1, they had purchased 1,000 jello shots. That was a pretty good roll. Then the Ole Miss guys came in. At one point, I think there was a guy buying 100 at a time for Ole Miss. It’s just insane. I’ve created a monster here and it’s kind of fun to just sit back and watch.”

Both Arkansas and Ole Miss are still very much alive in the College World Series. We’ll see how high those shot totals can climb before all is said and done.