We’ve got a full week of SEC baseball under our belts. And while the conference hasn’t been on top of the national polls like most of last season, the cream is starting to rise to the top in the conference. Here’s our power rankings of the hardball squads of the league.

14. Missouri (6-1)

Yes, Missouri’s 6-1 start is solid. But can this pitching hold up against tougher competition? On the other hand, the bats weren’t exactly stellar in 4-3 and 4-2 wins over Louisiana-Monroe, either.

13. Alabama (5-3)

It feels a little rude to drop the Tide for losing a very competitive series to No. 1 Texas. On the other hand, let’s say this is dropping the Tide because they scored exactly 1 run in 3 games against Texas. That does sound more deserving of a drop.

12. Auburn (5-2)

The Tigers had a 3-1 week, but they did lose to Yale on Saturday (and squeaked out a 1-run win against the Bulldogs, also). This schedule stays pretty soft until SEC play opens, but Auburn will enter a brave new world then.

11. South Carolina (6-1)

The Gamecocks rolled over subpar competition, but they certainly looked better than they did in the opening weekend. This coming weekend’s series with Clemson should be a little more substantial.

10. Texas A&M (5-2)

The Aggies dropped a series to Penn this past weekend. Jim Schlossnagle has his work cut out for him this SEC season, and while A&M is moving in the right direction, it has a ways to go

9. Kentucky (7-0)

Yes, Kentucky is unbeaten, but the Wildcats needed late comebacks to best Bellarmine on Wednesday and Western Michigan on Saturday. The good news was that they got those comebacks. The bad news is it’s not clear how much longer they can play from behind and keep winning.

8. No. 14 Georgia (7-0)

Yes, the Bulldogs are undefeated. Yes, they’re ranked above Florida and Tennessee. But they still haven’t played anybody, and moments of domination are offset by performances like a 1-0 win over Akron on Friday. The Bulldogs might really be the 14th-best team in the nation. But they also might really be the 8th-best team in the SEC.

7. No. 18 Florida (6-2)

The Gators had a 5-0 week, and while the competition was weak, several of the performances were impressive. Florida’s pitching is certainly ahead of where it was a year ago, and that could render the SEC East race extra-interesting.

6. No. 16 Tennessee (7-0)

The Vols absolutely slaughtered Iona, which could mean something or could mean nothing. Putting up 27, 29 and 12 runs against a good high school team would be impressive. On the other hand, the Vols haven’t been tested yet. The pitching is talented, but young. The hitting … well, it can’t STAY this good. Can it?

5. No. 11 Mississippi State (4-3)

State dropped a Friday game to Northern Kentucky, and while the rest of the week was just fine, the Bulldogs have definitely taken a step back from the team that won the College World Series. Many of the issues are fixable, but SEC play is coming soon.

4. No. 8 LSU (7-1)

Yes, LSU had a nightmare game on Wednesday, making 5 errors and losing 11-6 to Louisiana Tech. But it followed it up by giving up 3 runs in 4 games and scoring 41 runs of its own. The Tigers can hit, and if they can pitch like they did over those 4 games, they definitely play into the top of the SEC West.

3. No. 10 Arkansas (4-2)

The Razorbacks had to rally late against Louisiana to avoid a Sunday sweep after a 5-0 loss to Stanford. Arkansas’s hitting hasn’t been on, and like State, it doesn’t have a ton of resemblance to last year’s juggernaut. But it is early.

2. No. 7 Vanderbilt (5-2)

The Dores swept the week and seemed to show signs of waking up at the plate. No, this isn’t last year’s Vanderbilt pitching staff, but it is cobbling together a collection of young arms into a group that’s still very much capable of winning the SEC.

1. No. 6 Ole Miss (6-0)

It ain’t broke, and the Rebels can stay at the top of the West until somebody else knocks them off.